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"I can't say enough good things about working with Rick. My migraines are gone as well as a number of other complaints. He's the best."
~Amaloa, Designer, LA

"You are truly an angel. All of your recommendations have helped so much with my health!!! Thank you always."
~Greyci Baran, Former Colombian Beauty Queen, LA

"After reading Rick's book my stomach pain and digestive issues disappeared completely. I would recommend his book to anyone and everyone."
~Portia Leigh, Journalist, On-Camera Host, LA

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“I adore Growing Ageless. It is…immanently readable…indispensable information accessible to the novice and veteran alike.”
~Tom Glaser, Licensed Psychologist


"One fascinating true-life story after another, intermingled with age-old wisdom and mind-jolting new health discoveries. I actually found myself de-stressing as I read the book."
~Pat Dennis, author of Hotdish To Die For, Amazon Reviews


"From the breathing techniques, to the yoga poses & meditation, down to what you should eat and how much are spot on."
~Reuben N Lubka, Amazon Reviews

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