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It’s been said many times that suffering makes us stronger, better. Had I not experienced depression at an early age would I be any less happy today? If repeated injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome hadn’t visited me in my teens, would I be any less strong? Was hypoglycemia and an eating disorder, a blessing from the heavens? What about three car accidents?


I am not a fan of suffering, not of pain, not of sorrow. We are, however, faced with various challenges that we will eventually face, be it through conscious intention or by blunt force.


In support of the conscious approach, I believe that love and patience are far more important than the latest discovery, a disciplined workout or fastidious diet. Love and patience for yourself and others, for your situation, for all that impedes or advances your healing, will ultimately foster a healing environment, loving support, and provide you with the meditative peace we all so deserve—no matter the outcome.


I have spent more than two decades discovering, exploring, pursuing health and longevity secrets from both the East and West. I could have done much better. Rather than chasing cures I could have started with love and patience.


As I fast approach fifty and people still mistake me for a man in his twenties, I’m encouraged by thinking that I’ve added time to the other end of the clock, since it took so long to get here.


Many people ask for my secret. One sentence? I spent over four years writing this book and half a lifetime living it....


Some say it’s simply too late for them.


What I say is that it's not too late. Take some time, sit back and enjoy the read. Don’t skim or you’ll miss the humor. Feel free to use it as an ongoing reference. I do. I also forget. I forget to do my practices and slide backwards (growing older not ageless). When I finally come back to my senses and remember that life is an ongoing process, then I once again begin to grow ageless, and enjoy the health that nature intended me to have.



Richard E. Bush is an Instructor for Grandmaster Mantak Chia’s Universal Healing Tao, a Certified Shiatsu Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master, and has been practicing Hatha Yoga and Tai Chi since 1993.


His book Growing Ageless: The Simple Art of Health and Longevity, is a two-time award recipient.

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